Chocolate Flakes



Chocolate Flakes



The ultimate small pieces of chocolate, perfect for baking with and making drinks!

Ever wanted to make your chocolate chip cookies just that little bit more chocolatey?

Choose from White, Blonde, Milk, Dark Milk or Dark and we’ll do the rest.

Liven up your hot chocolates, milkshakes and other drinks with our Single Origin chocolate flakes. Simply melt them in a little hot water from the kettle and then stir in a hot liquid of your choice.

Our flakes are specially tempered and then spread out over our granite table before being scraped into little flakes.

Until now our flakes have only been available to our wholesale customers, and for the first time we are trying these 90g “taster size” packs. Please let us know your thoughts and if there is enough demand we will create larger retail packs for you.

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Type of Chocolate

White, Blonde, Milk, Dark Milk, Dark


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